Are You Stuck?

Stuck in a Rut?

There seems to be an epidemic in my ecosystem. It’s what I call the ‘Stuck-n-a-Rut’ syndrome. Perhaps it’s the gray skies or the cyclical housing stagnation. Nonetheless, it’s the same murmur across all industries in which I serve. There’s no discrimination. No one is feeling on top of the world right now.

For those of us who have been around the corner a few times, there is nothing spectacularly different about this year in particular yet it seems to be an especially ‘blah’ January.

As a side note

After listening to the State of the Union Address last night I realized yet another attribute for the systemic dismay and marginal business lethargy of my peers. [Oh yes I did just go there!]

Now, I’m not exactly known for my optimism and rah! rah! In fact, I think I can be a downright curmudgeon most days. But lately I’ve found myself donning the pom poms and feeding happy syrup to my peeps to a degree far outside my comfort zone and I needed some rah! of my own for goodness sakes!

Another side note

Some turn to wine or yoga when stressed [both of which are high on my priority list]. But for people like me, stress drives a willing retreat to the bowels of cyberspace where the hands of time seem to stop and research becomes almost as yummy as, well, wine and yoga [if you like that sort of thing]. It’s not un

common to sit down at my computer and look up 20 hours later. It’s in times of retreat when I gather the best content for curriculum and business workshops

[My Evernote account reflects a very stressful year!].

Factor in 15 hour days preparing for 2 new concept launches, a website launch, impending changes in federal policies, and a whole lot of incestuous political shenanigans from the ‘bad seeds’ in my industry… it’s been a long year already my friends!

That’s my ‘stuck in the rut’ rant…here’s the good stuff…

In searching for a solution for entrepreneurs suffering from ‘Stuck-in-a-Rut syndrome’ I stumbled upon the blog one of my son’s business professors, Doan Winkel. Coincidentally, I started him following last year before Riley was in his class.

Anyway, today’s blog for entrepreneurs was about LEGACY. This topic is important to me for many personal reasons but I had never considered a business application. Read the blog. It’s sweet, simple and to the point. Hopefully you’ll be inspired as you apply the concept of Legacy to your business purpose.

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